About Zing Minis

Hello! And thanks for visiting ZING Mini Discs website. I’ve been a Plastics Engineer for over 25 years. My duties with large companies in Automotive, Medical, and Consumer Products has provided me with a unique set of talents in the plastics industry.  I use the best raw materials,  and take pride in each mini I make.  Just take a look at my “Testimonials” page and see for yourself why Zing Minis are the best on the market.

The Zing Mini Disc lineup of 4 unique miniature flying discs are exactly what you are looking for in promoting your club, event, or business.  In the past,  I  had owned another mini manufacturing business  under another name that is currently very successful in the marketplace. But not to confuse things, the Zing Minis are:  The Aerofoil,  a big, heavy disc that flies a long way.  Next is the Snipe.  It’s the little brother of the Aerofoil.  Smooth flight, long glide, and great distance.  The Microfoil.  It fits inside the Snipe, and is a smaller diameter disc that fits in every Disc Golf bag. And last, the Cozmo, the competitor killer. The Cozmo and Snipe fit perfectly with the Microfoil to give you TWO different container sets.

One of the unique characteristics of Zing as a company is that it is entirely run by one individual.  I operate every aspect of Zing.  All of the equipment is self-owned.  From the molding machine,  molds,  and decorating equipment, to the hot stamping, 3d printing,  purchasing,  and marketing, one man does it all.  I believe this gives my customers the personal,  passionate, and quality service they deserve.  If you call Zing,  I answer.  If there is a mistake (God forbids),  its me.  I use recycled materials wherever I can. From the recycled premium medical plastic to the materials used in die making, to the boxes I ship the minis in, (you may even get a recycled beer box for your shipment)…I use recycled products all the way!!

With all of that said, I believe in my customers and supporters of this venture. Thanks to Donnie Brooks of the MDGF and many others that believed in me. You folks are what make the brotherhood of Disc Golf go around. I invite you to grab one of these fascinating discs, lean back, give ‘em a big anhyzer throw, and watch them fly. Zing minis are the most over stable mini discs currently produced. Stay tuned for more products from ZING!!

Why the name “Zing” ??

While developing my latest Mini Golf Discs, I originally was going to make it like the pocket pro by Wham-o. You see, I have a huge amount of respect for Ed Headrick and how he has made our disc world the way it is. I had an opportunity in 1995 to repair and reproduce some of his earlier molds, and we exchanged some correspondence about making discs here in Indianapolis.  We were never able to “hit it off” because he was in California,  and I am in Indiana.  Ed wanted to see his products made a little closer to his home.  I’ve had several opportunities to meet with Ed,  and have numerous signed discs and minis.

The you tube video that follows is a piece from the Johnny Carson show. Ed was a special guest where he showed off one of his first flying discs to the TV audience. At one point you will here Johnny say “Ed, Can you zing it back?”


Thus, the name Zing.

Ed. You will always be an inspiration to my disc making ventures.  You are a mentor,  and  a master.  Never copied,  just improved.

Thanks Ed,

PDGA #6455

Ed Headrick, The Father of Disc Golf
Ed Headrick, The Father of Disc Golf






Update: 6-24-2009: I am getting confirmations of distances over 400 Feet! Please let me know if you get greater distances! I will publish your name and PDGA#. (Craig)