Welcome To Zing Minis!

May 14th, 2009



MDGF approved the COZMO as a driver/mid range mini, this is a new disc in the lineup from ZING MINIS. After 3 months of 3D printed prototypes, a 3D printed mold, and finally a production tool, I the COZMO is ready for your upcoming tournament, wedding, or charity event. This disc is 4.5″ in diameter with a 3.2″ logo printable surface and weighs 38 grams. Each COSMO has a “born on date” imprinted on the inside for collectors. It has great hand feel, and fits properly in most disc golf bags. The logo you see on this first run is from Skeet Scienski, the master of disc art. I am very privileged to adorn this 1st run fantastic disc with his retro style artwork. Pricing is the same as all other Zing minis, and I have plentiful stock available. Zing on over to www.zingmini.com to place your order today.

Call 317-598-0480 for details!

 Welcome to Zing Mini Discs.  I’ve been making the best Minis for over 2 Decades!

Owned  and operated by  PDGA #6455

I produce minis for all your needs.                                                              


-Disc Golf Tournaments
-Business Trade Shows

Current production of Snipe and Microfoil molds are now available.  Aerofoil molded minis are limited runs and may not be available at the time of your order.



Made in USA (Indiana, to be exact)

Made in USA (Indiana, to be exact)